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What we do

The BSJA is the governing body of show jumping in Great Britain, formulating the rules and codes of practice under which all affiliated competitions are held. Our purpose is to improve and maintain standards of show jumping, while encouraging members of all standards and at all levels to enjoy fair competition over safe and attractive courses. The Association has classes to cater for all levels of ability whether you simply want to compete occasionally at weekends over a 2'9" course or aim eventually, for top class competitions at the Royal International Horse Show, Horse of the Year Show or Olympia. We manage more than 2,000 shows each year providing in excess of 2,800 days of show jumping for members of the Association riding registered horses and ponies. These shows are run according to BSJA rules with at least two judges for each competition being members of the official panel of BSJA judges. Courses are designed and built by BSJA course builders ensuring well run, enjoyable entertainment for competitors, families, owners and spectators. Show jumping is a sport that reaches millions of people through television and the media, the large county shows and the participation, either directly or indirectly, of a wide range of individuals competing on horses of varying ability. It is a sport enjoyed by the horse enthusiast, the professional, and those who have never been on or near a horse in their lives. The appeal is wide and far reaching. Competitors of all ages and of varying abilities now compete in competitions all over the country.


Total number of members


Number of Horses & Ponies registered (all grades)


Number of shows held throughout Britain


Number of show days throughout Britain


Total number of starters


Total amount of prize money


Through the types of classes run by the Association, we actively encourage potential competitors to try their hand at show jumping. It is a common myth that you have to be of great ability to even start in BSJA classes. We aim to give experience of jumping under our rules over well built fences at efficient shows. However, should you wish, once you have gained confidence to progress with your show jumping, there are structured levels of classes through which you may advance. It is important to remember that this is a sport open to all!


Membership and Registration process almost 16,000 memberships and all the horse and pony registrations every year. They send out and receive membership/registration applications and put all the relevant details on computer. A permanent record of all our members and their mounts is maintained. The Association can provide accurate details of the size, colour and winnings of any horse or pony registered with the BSJA.

Shows affiliate over 1,500 shows per year to the BSJA. Three staff help advise shows on choice of classes, all affiliation paperwork, send out rosettes and update horse winnings on the computer system. The department tries to ensure show dates do not clash within regions.

International organises our top competitors trips abroad. Riders are sent to international events either as individuals or in teams (which are selected by special Selection Committees). The job involves not only selecting and entering riders, but ensuring horses and riders reach the right shows! The department deals with Pony, Junior and Young Riders as well as issuing international horse passports and riders licences and all overseas authorisations.

Administration deals with the operation of the computer system, updating statistics and membership records. It also deals with the day to day administrative running of the Association i.e. ordering stationery, organising mailings etc and also produces the Show Directory. The Association's web site is also managed by this department.

Accounts have a staff of three and are responsible for opening, sorting and distributing the daily post and the daily collation and banking of all income. The section raises outgoing invoices and also processes and prepares all payments by the Association and maintains the records from which the annual audited accounts are prepared.

Press and Marketing consists of three staff who keep the national and local press informed on all results and items of interest throughout show jumping especially on the success of British teams abroad. The department is responsible for issuing press releases on a daily basis covering grass root achievements through to International success. BSJA Sponsorship can start with any number of National series that may be available through to creating a class tailored to a sponsor's requirements. Many commercial sponosrs have independent needs and the department specialise in creating a choice of venues and championship final that enhances the companys' sales and marketing programme. Major records are maintained and updated on a weekly basis with rider biographies for all international shows. During the Horse of the Year Show, the office moves to source and provide information for all forms of media. The production and editing of the Showjumper magazine which is distributed four times per year is also the responsibility of this department along with all marketing and promotional literature. Breeding records are also maintained by this department.

The Chief Executives department deals with servicing the Executive Board and the General Purposes and Finance Committee; handling of the Executive Board, Area Committee elections and AGM; liaison with the British Equestrian Federation on policy matters, the World Class Performance Plan and in applying for funding through the Sports Council. The department is also responsible for dealing with members' complaints; servicing the Rules Committee and Show sub-Committee; updating the Rules and Year Book; organising disciplinary hearings; producing the Officials and Show Organisers' Brief and dealing with BSJA personnel matters. Training programmes are also the responsibility of this department.

The Association's Chief Executive, Mrs Jacky Wood has a wealth of experience being employed with the BSJA since 1967. Her career has encompassed Show and International Departments and Executive Officer status before being appointed Chief Executive in January 2000.


To compete at a BSJA show you must be a member of the Association riding a registered horse or pony. There are several different categories of membership and joining is easy and forms are available from our head office at Stoneleigh. Should you have any difficulties with the forms, the BSJA staff are at the end of the telephone and will be only too glad to help you. If you don't want to compete and simply want to become a member of the Association, for a minimal fee you can become a non-jumping member. This membership will entitle you to the Rules and Year Book and the Showjumper magazine which is produced four times per year. The magazine will also give details of when and where BSJA shows are to be held so that you can go along and watch. It will also list any details of discount entry to shows such as the Horse of the Year Show.


As previously explained, the BSJA have carefully designed and developed classes and courses to suit all ranges of ability. Listed below is a brief guideline to our adult Novice classes:-

Maximum Height in the first round(qualifiers)

British Novice Championship

Discovery Competition 1.00m
Members Cup 1.10m 1.10m
Newcomers 1.10m
Foxhunter 1.20m

After these novice competitions the fences begin to get higher and wider for more experienced combinations.

Horses and ponies registered with us are graded according to their ability and winnings as follows:-


Grade A £2,000 and over
Grade B £1000 to £1,999
Grade C £nil to £999


Grade JA £600 and over
Grade JC £100 to £599
Grade JD £nil to £99


Judges, Associate Judges, Time Keepers and Course Designers/Builders, minimum age 18, are appointed by the Rules Committee and their names are published in the panel lists. Appointments are renewable each year. BSJA Judges Panels:- Application to become an Associate Judge must be made through the Area Committee. Acceptance results in the applicant becoming eligible to gain experience under BSJA panel judges at affiliated and minor shows. A minimum of six shows must be attended during this phase of training, and written recommendation from two panel judges must be received before progressing. To qualify for consideration for appointment to the Judges Panel, a candidate must serve a minimum period of one year on the Associate Judges Panel and attend a Judges Conference.

Following relevant training and examinations, the candidate will be recommended to the Rules Committee for appointment to Panel Judge. BSJA Course Designers Panels:- The minimum age for a Panel Course Builder is 18 years of age on 1st April in the year he/she may gain panel approval.

There are four categories of course builder/designer, starting at Assistant level and rising through Associate and Median level to Advance. All course builders start as an Assistant. To be considered for listing as an Assistant course builder the candidate must first apply to the Area representative in whose Area he/she normally resides or expects to officiate. All affiliated competitions must be built by a BSJA Course Builder/Designer (Assistant, Associate, Median or Advanced) listed in the current Rules & Year Book. For more information please refer to the BSJA Rule Book or send an S.A.E. to the BSJA for a booklet relating to Associate Judges.



1 Provides classes for all ability levels.

Manages more than 2,000 affiliated shows every year.


Encourages members of all standards and at all levels to enjoy fair competition over carefully prepared courses.


Provides a competition structure through which everyone can gradually progress, improving their own and their horses' performance and ability.


Provides FREE personal liability insurance and special discounts with British Equestrian Insurance Brokers.


Gives help, support and advice from your Area Representative.


Gives a FREE copy of the BSJA Rules and Year Book and FREE copies of the quarterly BSJA Magazine, the Showjumper.


Offers a monthly Show Directory, published on the Internet and updated


Provides a friendly yet professional service. 10


Maintains national and regional training courses.

The BSJA regard the sport of show jumping as a pastime that all members of the family can enjoy.

You can participate either through competing yourself, assisting at local shows or simply watching one of our many spectacular events.

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